Malkemes Bed

Particle board, laminates, standard dimensions and building conventions are more and more abundant in our homes. This bed is aimed at counteracting this tendency with subtle details, natural materials and fine craftsmanship. We wanted to make a bed that could be appreciated every day; a bed take in a move or pass on as a cherished gift to a loved one. We kept the form simple and almost super normal to highlight the beautiful character of the poplar tree. Details such as drawer pulls, fasteners, and joinery establish an understated rhythm giving attention to wood construction. Each board avoids standard dimension to reveal hand craft, to break up the homogenous dimensions found in standard building materials, and expose the density of hard wood. Sensitivity to material and craft can even be found in the drawer faces. Every drawer faces is cut from a single board emphasizing the presence of natural wood with a continuous flow of wood grain. Each chosen elements of this bed enriches the everyday through the awareness of nature and craft.