Outdoor Furniture for Georgie Porgie’s Restaurant

The owner of Georgie Porgie’s Restaurant came to us with a request for more seating outside. For this purpose we designed, engineered and fabricated 10 chair height stools, 4 bar stools, along with 3 wall mounted, collapsible, tables to be folded down during winter for sidewalk shoveling. To match the restaurant’s playful tree fort theme, we wanted the furniture to feel as thought everything was built with materials just laying around; the kind of stuff we would have loved to build with when we were kids. We repurposed solid oak palettes, and hard maple floor boards from a recently renovated building and built forms like crate stools and palette tables. The materials are strong, durable and have already proven to age well. At the same time, it was important for us to make high quality furniture to be appreciated for a long time. Thus, fasteners and their placement were carefully chosen, parts were machined to be precise and appropriate to the theme, and we developed sophisticated geometry that is strong and pleasing to look at. This set is a good representation forms appropriated into functional surfaces with character and familiar charm.