Towel Cabinet with Shelf for Stag Barber Shop

We were invited to design and build a towel cabinet with a shelf for Stag Barber Shop in Bay View on Milwaukee’s south side. Stag’s aesthetic atmosphere revolves around the modern gentleman with connection to the past. So, our ambition became to embody the themes found there. We wanted the cabinet to be handsome and honest; strong, yet refined. So, we chose thick, solid slabs of walnut as an appropriate expression of natural strength, durability and honest character. For contrast cool anodized aluminum doors offer a precise, clean, and uniform modernity to balance the antique quality of the warm wood and form. Every element became essential. Like the buttons on a suit coat or a nice set of cuff links, each detail expresses how the cabinet was constructed and enhances the character of the piece and the space. Where two planes meet, the edges are subtlety proud, the aluminum doors glide with delightful ease, and the brackets holding the shelf are exposed from above to reveal the solid presence holding the shelf. The cabinet and shelf complement each other like pieces of a well tailored suit, with subtle details as surprises to be enjoyed and serve as a reminder craft and quality.